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The Irish Bioeconomy Foundation is dedicated to the development of Ireland`s bioeconomy through increased awareness of new technologies and establishment of mutually beneficial business relationships. This will lead to sustainable management of resources across Ireland.

As the number of IBF members increases, more opportunities will become available to assist in efforts to achieving our goal. As seen in our BioMap, there are many businesses throughout the country that are stakeholders of the Irish bioeconomy. To date, we have identified almost 300 relevant companies.

However, the number of companies we can assist is bigger. By linking companies that have overlapping valuechains, waste production in these companies can be reduced. This is achieved by creating links with other companies, forming a circular production chain and capitalising on openings where by-products of one company can be used in alternative production lines.

We invite you to contact us regarding any potential opportunities or initiatives that you are aware of in Ireland's Bioeconomy. The bioMap is always adapting and updating, if you want to send us your feedback or any suggestions, please contact us by. email

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